Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's Feelin' Like Fall!

Some of my favorite Fall things!

It's been cool & VERY rainy here the past few days (my favorite kind of weather) so I've been cozied up inside painting. AUTUMN LEAVES is my newest creation ~ a cute little mini 4x5 ~ & it's available on ebay right now! Check it out HERE!

I was excited to see new Fall issues of 2 of my favorite magazines in the store this morning so I grabbed them both! Lots of fun decorating ideas in both of them ~ Country Living & Country Sampler. And I LOVE filling up all my candy jars with Candy Corn & Pumpkins - yummmmm! They just don't stay full very long with 3 kids (& me) around!

I think I'll get my fall decorations out tomorrow & start doing up the house! Ahhhhhhh....Autumn!

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snippetgirl said...

Love the fall kitty!! I am anxious for autumn too! I just started peeking into my Country Living issue...will save the rest for a quiet Sunday read. Have a lovely weekend!