Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Halloween Princess

Halloween Princess
Silly Squirrel!
I finished this little Halloween painting last night. I love doing Fall & Halloween themed paintings! Halloween Princess (Wendy & her cat Sookie) is up for auction on EBAY for you to check out!

A little while ago I saw this cute squirrel scurrying along our fence with this huge hedge apple in his mouth. It was hilarious watching him carry this big ball that was half as big as he was - ha! He stopped & began chowing down on it so I snuck out on the deck & snapped a picture. It's kind of blurry because I couldn't get too close but it's still cute. He gnawed & gnawed at the thing dropping all the outside part off. Apparently the inside is tastier! Must be fattening up for winter!

I got all my Fall & Halloween decorations out & up last Sunday while watching the Chiefs game (Darn~they almost won it)! I'll post some of my little vignettes when I get a chance. Happy Tuesday!


Janine said...

That squirrel is so cute, reminds me og the little rascal in Ice- age.
Have a nice weekend

Jill said...

Oh I thought the same thing Janine! He does look just like that squirrel (or whatever he is) in Ice Age, especially his feet! Ha! You have a nice weekend too! ~ Jill