Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Walter's Pumpkin Patch ~ Pumpkins for Sale!
Pumpkin Salsa
The awesome craft shop!

Good grief, it's been FOREVER since I've posted! This past week has been a really stressful one for me for various reasons. My brother gave us a health scare (he's fine) & I've been trying to catch a little grey kitty at our Walgreens parking lot for about 3 weeks now with no luck. It's so frustrating. I went to leave food the other night & actually ran into another woman who was looking for it & told me she'd been feeding it too. Turns out she's an artist too! Seems cats & art just go together! Well, I had already sat in the parking lot 5 different nights with my trap set & then sat another 2 nights with my new cat rescuer friend. To our disappointment, we didn't see the grey kitty, but saw 2 other cats! There are houses around the area & we don't know if the kitties are stray or have homes & are just coming over for a free extra meal. I suspect they are feral though & that makes me sad. I'm the type that will go home & worry about them. Anyway, I've talked with the other woman & told her I needed to take a break for a while & she said she's happy to keep feeding them & trying to catch them so I'm trying not to worry about them too much. I have a husband & 3 kids & my own furry children to take care of at home & just can't spend so many late nights away. I do feel guilty though. I just wish cats would make it easy & LET you help them & not run away!

On a happier note ~ today is my BIRTHDAY! I had a really nice day. The weather was gorgeous & I told my husband I wanted to go to the pumpkin patch. My daughter went with us along with her friend & we drove out to the country to Walter's Pumpkin Patch in Burns, KS. It was awesome ~ pumpkins & gourds, hay rides, giant corn maze, creek, woods, 2 really cool gift shops with baked goodies & all the fun crafty items I love! We had the best pulled pork sandwich - yum! When we got home later Craig (the hubby) & I had a glass of wine out on the patio by the fire pit & later grilled hamburgers & hotdogs followed by birthday cake ~ chocolate with chocolate frosting of course! I had mine while watching Desperate Housewives-ha! A perfect day!

Hope your weekend was perfect too! Back to painting tomorrow. I have a commission to finish!


Janine said...

Dear Jill,
Happy birthday to you.
Glad you hear that you had such an awesome day.
I may have the perfect present for you.
I have an award waiting for you at my blog.
Have a great week

Julie said...

Happy Birthday! Have some pie and sandwiches & chocolate ice cream too! Sing and play the day away and one more thing that you should do...(remember this song?!)You should do whatever makes you happy! : )

noodle and lou said...

happy belated birthday jill! glad you had a special day:):) xox...jenn

LuLu said...

JOYEUX BELATED ANNIVERSAIRE, Jill! Hope this year brings you nothing but good stuff! Oh! Your pictures are beautiful! Hugs, LuLu