Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumn Leaves are Falling

Koda having fun in the leaves
Who wants to rake?

St. Francis

Begonias still going strong~with leaves mixed in!

I don't think I've EVER seen our fall foliage as brilliant & colorful as it is this year! I mean it is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could've gotten some good tree pictures around town but you'll have to settle for my backyard. Only thing is, it's been SO windy here the last few days all the pretty leaves are getting blown off the trees. I just hope it doesn't happen too fast. Craig & I are leaving tomorrow for a weekend in Weston, MO & we're hoping the trees aren't bare before we get there! The town & surrounding countryside are usually just amazing with fall color in October! Weston is a little town on the river about an hour north of Kansas City (where I grew up!). We stay in our favorite bed & breakfast & everything we want to see & do is within walking distance ~ antique & gift shops on Main Street, Pirtle Winery in an old church building, O'Malley's Pub with live music, the wine bar at the St. George Hotel & we love to just walk the residential streets to look at the quaint houses all decorated for Halloween! There's even an old cemetery I like to stroll through & read the old headstones ~ SO interesting! Can't wait! You can read all about Weston on their website HERE!

My poor art studio has been neglected lately. Next week I plan to start some new paintings though ~ maybe some Thanksgiving themes. Last week I took a few of my fleece kitty beds to the Humane Society & the kitties just loved them! They immediately curled up on them & I decided right then I needed to make more. One bed I'd laid on a chair had 3 cats all trying to fit on it - ha. So, yesterday I spent the afternoon at my sewing machine stitching away & brought 16 with me to the H.S. today. I wish I would've remembered to bring my camera to get some shots of the kitties curled up on them. SO CUTE! I will next time.

Ok, gotta finish packing. Everyone have a wonderful fall weekend!

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Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

I'm catching up with my blogs...your trip sounds wonderful, the cat quilts cozy and leaves, they remind me of a patched tabby cat...