Saturday, October 10, 2009

Witchy Woman

Witchy Woman

I've had a touch of the flu (or something) the past few days but somehow still managed to finish another Halloween painting. I like her cute witch outfit & I'm happy I gave her a Siamese to hold instead of the black kitty I'd planned on. The colors just fit. I have to laugh at my "Witchy Woman" title for this painting. In grade school, it was around Halloween time & one of our assignments in art class was to draw a picture while listening to the Eagles "Witchy Woman" song playing over & over & over - ha! I remember drawing a witch with raven black hair, ruby red lips, sparks flying off her fingertips & little moons in her eyes! I think I was in 5th or 6th grade & can still picture that drawing! I just loved art classes in school, especially during the holidays. The kids all called me Leonardo - ha. If only I could paint like HIM!!!

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My daughter Kayla is having friends over this evening for scary movie night! I think I'm as excited as she is! We really wanted to do it out back on the deck & patio with the outside tv, the fire pit roaring, snacks & spooky lights hung up but who knew it would be 35 degrees & windy??? Brrrr ~ too cold. Instead, we cleaned up the basement family room, set out some metal pumpkin tea light holders & filled the table with snacks ~ popcorn, pumpkin cookies, candy corn & peanuts, cheese puffs & fun size candy bars. Yummm! I wanted to make caramel apples but just didn't have the energy. Well, the house is filling up with giggling girls (& a few boys) so the party's on.

Happy Saturday! Happy Fall!

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MyPinkTurtle said...

Oh! Your little witch is so adorable! Just love your style! When you have a minute, come over for a visit, I am having a giveaway! Hugs, LuLu