Saturday, August 1, 2009

Finally Catchin' My Breath!

My new St. Francis!

Man oh man, July just FLEW by for me! I can't believe it's already August! I know most moms look forward to their kids going back to school but I dread it. I miss the stress-free summer with no schedule, sleeping in & NO HOMEWORK to help with. My daughters are pretty independent with their schoolwork & I don't usually worry about their grades but my son's one of those that might not even do his homework if I didn't tell him to. He's lucky if he even knows what his homework is. Starting high school is going to be a real challenge for him but he's a great kid & I'm sure will get in the groove & do fine.

July was just a flurry of activity for our family & I knew it would zoom by in a blur. Somehow all our summer trips got scheduled for this month ~ 4th of July weekend in Kansas City, trip to Denver to visit my sister & family, family vacation to Colorado & then we had friends from Chicago visiting all last week which included an overnight trip to Kansas City to take our girls to the Jonas Brothers concert. They had a blast & were bouncing off the walls talking about it afterwards! The picture above is my new St. Francis ~ a Jim Shore creation I snagged for 1/2 price at a Hallmark store last week! I just LOVE it (even without any cats on it)! Seems Jim could've found room for a cat on there somewhere. Guess he was going with the wild animal theme.

My husband took the kids up to Abilene, KS (his hometown) for the weekend to hang out with grandma, grandpa & cousins while he attends his high school reunion. I opted to stay home & catch up on housework & painting. It's nice to have the house to myself for a few days now & then. I'm hoping to crank out a painting or 2 by the end of the weekend. I think one will have to have a mountain theme! HAPPY SATURDAY TO ALL!!!


snippetgirl said...

I ADORE that St. Francis!!!! So beautiful! I have been wanting a St. Francis garden statue for our backyard and it would be great to have a lovely artistic one for inside too.
You have had quite a busy, fun summer! I can't believe it is already August either. I am going to savor every moment that is left.
Hugs and purrs,

moggridge said...

I bet you're ready for a little relaxation at home by now! Wow, all that traveling. As much fun as it is, it is also very tiring.
We're starting to mentally pack for England and I've been shopping this weekend to pick up a few things. A little less than 3 weeks now!
Anxious to hear what all you did with Ellie and her mom!
Love ya,