Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cat Adoptions are UP UP UP! WooHoo!

Carly, just 1 of the many kitties from KHS adopted to a forever home! Is that not the sweetest face?

My heart is SO happy right now! Since our new Humane Society facility opened last June adoptions steadily continue to go UP! To quote an e-mail from a staff member last week:

"You will be pleased to know that our adoption numbers continue to be very good ~ yesterday (Sat. 1/16) we only had 6 cats/kittens to adopt out!"

Is that not AWESOME or what??? Our adoption floor has 3 Kitty Cities that hold 8-10 cats/kittens each. When I was there on Thursday they were all EMPTY! We also have 21 Kitty Condos with 1-2 cats each & at least HALF of them were empty! Even the lofts in the back (all 6 of them with 21 cages each~where kitties stay until there is room on the adoption floor or until they are healthy enough) looked like a ghost town. I actually was able to go cuddle with EVERY cat there for the first time! Looking at our website this morning I counted only 17 cats on the available list. It is just so heartwarming. I wish every city could have a shelter as wonderful as ours! I encourage ALL of you to go volunteer at your own local shelters! Click HERE to visit our Kansas Humane Society.
Happy weekend to you all! meow


MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh Jill I am thrilled to read this! Empty kitty condos are good in this sense! What a precious face....
I love Kansas for it's big heart...Misses Peachy send you soft ginger purrs

snippetgirl said...

That kitty is absolutely beautiful! I am thrilled to hear that your humane society is doing so well...that makes my heart so happy. Things are definitely not as good for the cats around here. Our humane society's intake numbers are tremendous and the euthanasia rate is awful. Wish i could bring some of them to Kansas!! Thanks for sharing some hopeful news.
Purrs, Carrie

Janine said...

Carly is soooo sweet and pretty.
You are doing such a good end sensible work. That is wonderful and must be very satisfying.
Have a great sunday

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Yay...that is wonderful news. The new shelter and environment is really nice, they have a great, informative website and the staff should be congratulated for doing a good job, too.