Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Brilliant Show!

My youngest daughter & I went to see the "Celtic Woman" show last Tuesday night & it was amazing! A lot of you will say "Who the heck are they?" but I'm sure a lot of you know who they are too. Four beautiful Irish singers & a fiddle player with the fastest fingers I've ever seen! Combine that with a pianist, orchestra & 2 percussionists, each with their own enormous set of instruments, & you have magic! We saw them a few years ago in Oklahoma City & it was the BEST show I'd ever seen! This one was just as good. We were so excited when we found out they were coming here. There was a packed house & many standing ovations. If you like Irish music you MUST go see Celtic Woman if you get the chance!

Today is a creating day for me! The hubby took the kids & friends up to the K-State football game for the day & I have the house to myself to paint & sew the day away! I have a few new things for the shop I'd like to show you but I'm having some uploading issues with the camera so unfortunately that will have to wait. HAPPY SATURDAY!!! xoxo

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