Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Jammies

Success! My hubby figured out a different way to upload images from the camera on the computer so I was finally able to list my new painting ~ Christmas Jammies! I think everyone remembers these cute little striped longjohn jammies you had when you were little ~ or dressed your babies in when they were little! I remember my nephew wearing them on Christmas many years ago. I wish I could find that picture! If I can track it down (among my cabinet full of old photo albums) I'll post it. Click HERE to check out this cute painting on EBAY!
I'm currently working on some cute little pillow ornaments. I found the cutest vintage Christmas fabric (with cats on it of course) & thought it would be adorable for Christmas decor! Stay tuned.

Happy Wednesday! Is it already only a week til Thanksgiving??? xoxo


Janine said...

Love the cat in the pyjama.

snippetgirl said...

TOOOOO cute!!!! That kitty's sweet face is precious. I just love the red and white stripes!