Monday, November 16, 2009

Stupid Computer!!!

Well, I have 2 new paintings & a cute new kitty pillow to show off but for some reason my camera isn't cooperating with the computer & the pictures will NOT upload! AUGH!!! So aggravating! My husband (who's a bit technologically challenged) double checked all the cables, ports, cameras, etc., etc. & found nothing wrong but it's still not working. We have 2 cameras & neither one will upload so we don't know what the deal is. Guess it's time to call our friend Jeff ~ our never fail computer fixer! Hope he can come soon. I can't sell anything on ebay or etsy without a picture! This is supposed to be an ART blog after all.

Oh well, for now you can laugh at my little comic above. Wishing you a happy Monday & no computer problems! xoxo ~ Jill

P.S. We had our first SNOW today!


MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh Jill how annoying for you! I will wait with baited breath for the pictures of your newest creations.
Hope you are staying warm down there in the land of Ahhhhh's.
Love from the cozy cottage

snippetgirl said...

So sorry about the technological challenges!! I know that can be so frustrating!
Can't wait to see your new kitty creations :).
I am not ready for snow...i hope it won't happen here for awhile!!!
Purrs, C