Monday, November 9, 2009

A New Rug, A Baby & THE SHOP'S OPEN!

Trying out the new rug

I'd rather have him on the rug than the bed!
Shelby & her "pretend" baby, Cara

Happy Monday everybody! Lots of news to share but not lots of time ~ there's never enough time to do everything you want during the holidays is there? Anyway, my first news is I finally got my Etsy Shop up & running! It's exciting, even though I don't have much in there yet ~ a few original paintings & some of my fleece kitty pads I've dubbed "CAT NAPPERS". I had several people comment on them when I was making them for the Humane Society kitties & tell me I should sell them so I thought why not? I'm STILL making them for the H.S. cats first, & then just making a few extra for Etsy. I plan to have everything in my shop "cat related". I named it THAT'S MY CAT~where there's a CAT in every creation! CATchy, huh? heehee. If you're interested, check out my new shop HERE!

I'd been eyeing this rug at Target for a long time thinking how good it would look in my newly redecorated bedroom so yesterday I decided to spend some birthday money & go get it. I LOVE it & Koda & Zoolou seem to approve too! Markie was so funny ~ at first he was afraid to walk on it like he thought he wasn't supposed to - ha! He would carefully walk around the outside. Later after seeing the other furballs on it he decided it wasn't going to bite him! Silly cat. It's not quite as plush as I'd like but it's soft enough & goes perfect in the room!

Lastly, my daughter Shelby (a junior in h.s.) is in a Parenting class & brought home the fake baby last week for 3 days. I couldn't believe how realistic the baby looked & sounded! It was a little scary. The baby went everywhere with her for those 3 days & kept her up quite a bit at night. I kept telling her "remember how much WORK this is ~ this is what you DON'T want right now - ha.

Gotta get busy on some commissions. Have a wonderful week!!! Purrrrrs


Janine said...

Your daughter is a pretty young lady

Jill said...

Thank you Janine. I sure think she is too! Have a great weekend! ~ Jill