Monday, February 1, 2010

Pillow Heart Finished!

Voila! Got my little heart pillow finished quicker than I thought. I think it turned out really sweet. Already got it in the SHOP too. Now I'm ready to do something PINK for Valentine's Day! I'm thinking pillow cover.

Oh, & by the way ~ any of you out there have trouble with ribbon-happy cat thieves stealing your sewing supplies? I made a special trip to the store the other day to get blue ribbon, came right home & set the roll down next to my pillows I was working on. The next day when I was ready to work it was nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere! Zoolou, my ornery furball, has stolen my ric rac from my sewing box & drug it around the house several times so naturally I suspected her. Annoyed, I made another trip to the fabric store for more ribbon. Yesterday I heard something bouncing down the stairs & looked over to see my new roll of pink ric rac being batted & chased by Zoolou. She was having so much fun I just let her play with it! (she needed the exercise anyway) Maybe I should think about getting a lid for my sewing box.


Susan said...

It's been several years now that I have been without any feline helpers and it's been an adjustment, in that I can actually now do needlework and such. Mine were so bad, I couldn't do any sewing without being "helped" enthusiastically. I miss them, but I'm getting used to this new found freedom. I do love your pillows and the wonderful fabrics that you find for them.

joniandsid said...

Surprisingly, my kitties pretty much leave my yarn alone while I'm knitting!
Jill, love your pillows and I'm a sucker for vintage fabric too! Can't resist, so I don't even try. Really like what you're doing, well done!
Enjoyed the pics of the girls in the big march too!