Saturday, February 20, 2010

Random Ramblings

Happy Saturday everyone! No particular subject to this post ~ just some fun pictures & ramblings from me! Aren't these lights gorgeous? I took these shots while sitting in the car waiting for my daughter & her group to finish their dinner before the Sweetheart Dance. (This was the building next door) They are little flower-shaped lights wrapped tightly around the tree & they changed COLORS about 4 different times! They were so pretty & unique!
I saw these green snoballs at the grocery store the other day & couldn't resist grabbing one. I used to eat them all the time when I was little & thought I'd treat myself since I hadn't had one in years. (luckily, as I've gotten older my eating habits turned healthier) Well, I took a few bites & either they're making them different or my taste has changed ~ it just didn't taste as delicious & yummy as I remembered. I gave the other half to my daughter.

Last night, by a nice surprise, I got to go see Leeann Womack, Reba & GEORGE in concert!!! My good friend Mary had an extra ticket & asked me to go. It was AWESOME! I could listen to Gentleman George sing all night! And I don't even have to tell you how nice he looked in his Wranglers! Reba was amazing too. Leeann came back out & did the duet "Does He Love You" with her. She's wonderful too.
This sweet girl was at the Humane Society several weeks ago. She's been adopted (yay). I just wanted to show her picture to you ~ I think she's the most beautiful & unique calico, don't you?

And lastly, here is my daughter Kayla & her date for the Sweetheart Dance which was last weekend. Her date has (or had) the most wonderful dark, wavy hair but got it buzzed right before the dance by the upperclassmen on the swim team ~ a tradition they do every year before the big city meet. I guess it helped, they advanced to state!
That's it for now. We're getting sleet at the moment & it looks like those little white pellets inside bean bags. A good day to stay inside & creat wonderful things! I'm working on a children's pillow right now & then moving on to a St. Patrick's theme painting. HAVE A GREAT DAY! xox

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LINDSAY said...

Those lights are beautiful!