Thursday, February 4, 2010

Purrfect Valentine

Purrfect Valentine is up for grabs on Ebay!

Here is my latest (of only 2) Valentine paintings I've done this year. I'm going to take better pictures tomorrow when I have more daylight. It doesn't have the varnish on yet either so it's really a much brighter & prettier pink & purple than this pic shows.

I'm kind of in a rut. Just feeling very uninspired & unmotivated lately. I seem to have lots of ideas for different paintings & sewing projects but can't decide which I should do first & then end up doing none of them! I'm also feeling very amateurish about my Etsy Shop. Is there an "Idiot's Guide to Etsy Selling" at the bookstore??? I know my shop's only been open a few months & it takes a while to get noticed amongst the thousands of shops on there ~ I just wish I knew some tricks to getting more exposure. How do some shops receive 800 views just a few hours after an item is listed??? I know you can "showcase" an item which I've done a few times & that seems to generate more views but once that day is over it dies down.
Oh well, I guess I need to give it time. Any advice would be appreciated!


Susan said...

Good luck on the Etsy shop. I had a shop for about 6 months and sold nothing. You really have to get involved in the etsy community and use their advertising tools to get a lot of traffic. For me, not making sales, it wasn't cost effective. For you, it may be. Make friends with the big sellers, and they will give you tips. Good luck!

Janine said...

Defenetly purrfect.
This is one of my favourute paintings by you.
Have a great week