Thursday, July 1, 2010

4 New Foster Babies ~ the FUN begins!

Morpheous (Mory) & Neo

Morpheous (Mory) checking out the toys
I've reached the summit!
Chia & Mory
We like our foster home!
The view is nice up here!

We brought 4 little furballs home from the Humane Society today to foster for a week or two while they get over mild colds.  They all have a little snifflin' & sneezin' going on so need fostering while they get well before they can be placed for adoption. 

MEET  brothers Morpheous (we call him Mory) & Neo ~ the 2 orange & white tabbies
and brothers Charlie the brown tabby & Chia the black sweetie with white patch on his neck
They already had names & we like them so aren't changing them.  My son told me Morpheous & Neo are from the movie The Matrix.  I would never have known that - ha!

 I wasn't quite sure about bringing 4 home at a time, especially having colds, but within 5 minutes of letting them out in their bedroom they were running, jumping, playing, exploring & just having a high ol' time!  Their colds sure aren't slowing them down a bit.  I know they're enjoying all the extra room to run & play after being cooped up in their isolation units at the shelter.  It's great to see them carefree & HAPPY!

I'll keep you all updated on their adventures!  Happy Thursday!  meow


Susan said...

Such sweet babies. You'll have fun with them for sure.

meowmeowmans said...

OMC! They are so cute!