Friday, July 23, 2010

Feline Friday ~ Cats Riding in the Car

This picture makes me really nervous!  (source)

Sorry for the lack of posting ~ I've been on a "College Road Trip" with my daughters this past week!

For today's "Feline Friday" I'm posting an excerpt from an article in our Wichita Paws website.  This woman is lucky enough to have cats that actually LIKE riding in the car!  IF ONLY!  I dread going to the vet every year knowing the yeowling I'll be hearing all the way there & back! 
It would be great if my cats enjoyed a nice car ride but I purrsonally think they are much safer in a carrier!  I look at that picture above & think what is keeping that cat from accidently falling or blowing out the car window???  And should they get in a wreck I hate to think what would happen to them!  Leaving them uncrated & unattended in a hotel room is just unthinkable to me!
Anyway, that's just my opinion.  Here's part of the article if you'd like to read about them. 

"Aidan and Mr. Big"
Many dogs like to ride in the car, but with cats, it’s usually a different sort of trip.

While “most cats are dug in under the seat, clawing themselves into the carpet,” Minde Baumgartner says her Devon rexes, Aidan and Mr. Big, love a car ride.

“They ride in the car like dogs,” Baumgartner said. “Mr. Big sits on the console between the seats and just hangs out there with no problem, while the other looks out the window the whole time like a dog would.”

Baumgartner said she drove to Iowa to adopt the kittens about six years ago, and had no problems bringing them back to Wichita, uncrated, in the car.

“Once I saw how easily they came home with me, I thought I might as well just take them with me,” said Baumgartner, who used to travel for her job.

She said she found hotels that would take cats, but she had to remember to put the “Do not disturb” sign on the door.

“The maids would come in to change the bed and it would freak them out” to find the cats snoozing under the covers, she said.

Baumgartner says she gets strange looks from other drivers when she takes her cats for rides to Sonic, or to the park to see the ducks.

“People just aren’t used to seeing cats riding in a car like that,” she said.

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Megan V said...

When we moved from Ohio to Iowa, we had a 14 hour car ride. From past experiences of shorter moving trips, I know that my cat ONLY freaks out in the car if she IS crated. Once she's free to look around and understand her surroundings, she calms down and guess what...

...she sleeps on our laps the entire time! Amazing.

Marg said...

I totally agree with you about traveling with cats. I would never leave one loose in the car. I did have a cat once that loved to ride in my pickup but that was just on our own property.I have taken cats only a couple of times on trips but that was running from a hurricane. It was very scary and hard on the cats. So I really agree with you. Have a great week end.

Jill said...

Hi Megan~you're right, some cats go berserk in crates in the car & are fine when let out. I myself have driven a cat 10 hours in a car who pawed at the door nonstop but when we let him out he slept on my daughter's lap the entire way! I should've been more clear & said it's better to make sure your cat is crated when the windows are down or when doors are opened. Wouldn't want them running off in strange territory. You just never know what these crazy cats will do - ha! Have a great weekend!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Jill! Welcome back! Great photo. I'd be a bit nervous with the kitties in the car while I'm driving too. Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely weekend! :)

Feral Female said...

We don`t like riding in the car one bit! And we let our humans know it too!

Lu-Lu & Lucius