Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cat Love goes Way Back!

Me & Tiger ~ our first cat

Me & Felix

Happy Wednesday all!  I thought I'd share some old pictures I came across of me & the first of many kitties in my life.  I guess I was just born a cat lover! 

The first pic is me & Tiger, our big brown tabby.  I must've been about 3.  I'm thinking it was probably my birthday since I'm surrounded by toys.  Looks like I got a new puzzle, sundress, Pebbles doll & the one in the box might be Midge.  Like my cute little pixie haircut?  Tiger always sat on my chair at the dinner table & also caught locusts outside & brought them in the house still buzzing!

The Siamese is Felix.  He was a sweetie & VERY vocal!

I have some painting to do today.  It's been a while! 


Janine said...

Hi Jill, I see a lot has changed. Congrats on your new blog. It looks great nad the name is just the right one.
Have a great day

Tina T-P said...

Thanks for stopping by to wish Sinda a Happy Birthday! We had a blast. Sinda & Mama T.

P.S. Love your artwork!