Friday, April 30, 2010

Feline Friday!

Sierra attacking the camera strap!

I love my new mousie!

Sophie guarding her mouse in the basket

Today the spotlight is on our 2 foster kitties Sophie & Sierra.  It was a week ago today when we went & picked them up.  It's amazing how fast they grow.  We can already see a change.  They've been SO much fun for our family & are such good kitties eating like little pigs, faithfully using their litter boxes (well, except for a few piles the first day) & playing like there's no tomorrow!  Do you EVER get tired of watching kittens play??? 

Today they got new furry mice & they were in Heaven!  I think they thought the mice were REAL!  I even heard some growling going on when one got too close to the other's mouse.  Too funny.  I tried to get pictures of them playing but forgot to turn on the "fast motion" thingy on the camera & they all came out blurry - sorry.  Ever try to get a kitten to hold still?  I'll try & get some better ones later.

For now ~ HAPPY FRIDAY & WEEKEND!  Give your kitties a hug!


Wonderland Papers said...

Kudos to you for being a foster momma! I use to help foster cats for PetSmart. People always asked me if it was hard to get connected to a kitten and then see it go. That was never the hard part for me, it was when they didn't get a forever home that it was a whole lot harder. I hope these little guys find one soon!

Pierro said...

Oh those kittens looks so young. I am glad they are with your family now. They will grow up good kitties under your guidance! I hope they find the very best home when they grow up!

bonks and cute pictures

Susan said...

Too cute!

snippetgirl said...

Oh my, i cand hardly stand the cuteness!!!!!! I just want to kiss their heads. I am so happy to see that you are fostering!! Yay! Thank you for such kindness!
Many purrs,