Friday, April 16, 2010

Feline Friday!

"I'm not doing anything. I just jumped up here to look out the window."

Hiya bloggers!  I've decided since my blog & business are cat related it would fun to have a special day just for CATS ... sooo ... welcome to *FELINE FRIDAY*

It might be a health tip ~ a cat in the news ~ a rescue story ~ a good cat book ~ cool cat accessories ~ or maybe just a cute cat photo!
It'll be a surprise each week!

My own mischievous Mr. Markie kicks off the first Feline Friday with his "Sock Drawer Snooping"!

"She's gone. Now I can dig out these socks!"

"Wow, Dad has a lot of socks in here! I have to get ALL of them!"

"If I can just squeeze in...THERE! Now I can reach those in the back!"

"Get lost Zoolou. This is MY drawer!"

"The sock drawer is empty. My work here is done."
(mommy will clean this up later)

Do any of you have silly cats who like to dig clothes out of drawers?
Wishing you a FUN weekend with your felines ~ or whatever 4-legged or 2-legged loved ones you have!

xox ~ Jill


MyPinkTurtle said...

Bonjour Jill! Just love the new name of your blog! Pretty banner too! HAPPY WEEKEND! LuLu P.S. I think cats believe our home is theirs and they throw parties while we are away!!!

Susan said...

How funny. I no longer have cats, but what funny little things they are. Great photos.

Julie said...

What cuties! Mine do this too but I have realy deep drawers and have closed a drawer a couple of times without realizing one was in there. ; P I love your Feline Friday idea! : ) xx

Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

So cute!! Can't wait til the next Feline Friday!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful and very cute photos - the 'kids' are adorable! Lisa

snippetgirl said...

Hey Jill!
I just wanted to ask you a question...i remembered that you might know of an FIV cat rescue group? If you do, can you email me that info. My email is
Thanks a bunch!!!