Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our First Foster Kitties!

Sierra & Sophie

Meet Sophie & Sierra, our first foster kitties!  I got an e-mail from the Humane Society Friday morning asking if we could foster some kittens & of course I said YES!  We picked them up Friday evening.  Aren't they the most ADORABLE sweeties ever???  They are 4 weeks old so we'll have them for a month or so.  They need to be 8 weeks old & at least 2 pounds before they can be adopted.  We're having SO much fun watching them tumble around playing & wrestling!  They're being such good kitties, eating well & using their litter boxes - yay! 

We have our basement guestroom all fixed up for them & they are feeling right at home (temporarily anyway).  I LOVE their buff beige coloring!  Sierra is the shorter haired & Sophie is the fluffy butterball.  Our resident cats, Zoolou & Markie came down to check them out but seemed disinterested & walked away - ha!  I guess I didn't need to worry about them stressing out.  Now they're acting as though they don't even know they're here.  That's good!

Fun on the Cat Scratcher Toy!

I'll be posting pics of these baby girls throughout the next month.  It'll be fun to watch them grow & change!  Hope you had a great weekend! xox


Poppy Q said...

Oh your new little fosters are just precious. What little sweeties.

LINDSAY said...

aw! they are so cute!

Jill said...

Hi Jill! Just wanted to thank you for such a kind comment on my blog! It's great to meet another Jill-Mom-Artist!!

Those kittens are such cuties. If only I didn't have a dog!

jackiebean said...

hi! your blog and art are seriously adorable! i think i've seen your work on etsy, and i'm so happy to have found your blog, and another artist (and another cat person)! xoxo - a fellow indie biz gal.