Thursday, April 29, 2010

Prints Now in the Shop~Yay!

I have NEW PRINTS in the shop as of today!  Woohoo

The picture above is my first attempt at a photoshopped collage.  UGH!  I'm starting to think you have to be a rocket scientist to figure photoshop out!  Does anyone else find it hard to understand???  Maybe it's just me.  I'm brand new to it & feel like a complete idiot trying to do the simplest things.  The step-by-step tutorials could stand a few more steps if you ask me.  Oh well, I'm slowly getting the hang of it & I'm sure it'll be fun once I get better.....maybe....yeah.  In the meantime, I'm fine with my Olympus Master photo editing software that's very user friendly & I KNOW how to use!

Sorry to go off rambling about that.  You can visit my Etsy Shop to check out the prints.
Tomorrow is BOOKMARK day along with "Feline Friday"meow
Have a happy!


Wonderland Papers said...

I love your prints! So fun and colorful and of course I love the Alice in Wonderland one!

If you ever need help with Photoshop just let me know and I can always give you some tips and pointers. I'm a graphic designer so I use it pretty frequently and can probably answer any questions that you have.

Jill said...

Thank you Laura! I appreciate the compliment & offer to help with photoshop. I'll probably take you up on that!