Friday, May 28, 2010

Feline Friday ~ Happy Happy News!!!

Animal ID 10267246  
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix
Age 0 year(s) 2 month(s) 3 day(s) old.
Sex Female
Adoption Date 5/27/2010 ~ YAY!!!

I am SO HAPPY to share some wonderful news for today's Feline Friday!!!
My baby girl foster kitten Sierra was ADOPTED yesterday from the Humane Society!
(If you are new to my blog I fostered Sierra & her sister Sophie for a month in our home)
She's now in her new forever home with a loving family!  I'm thrilled!  I just knew that ornery little monkey would find a home soon ~ she is just too irresistible!
She & her sweet siblings were staying in one of the "Kitty Cities" at the Humane Society ~ nice large rooms with climbing structures & window perches. Customers can walk right in & visit with the kitties & I can just picture Sierra climbing up someones leg & right into their heart! GOOD FOR YOU sweet girl!

I wish I had started fostering sooner.  It's been such a rewarding experience, especially seeing your fosters getting adopted!  I'd like to encourage any of you who are thinking about it to go ahead & TRY IT!!!  You'll be happy you did! 
Below is a short description from the KS Humane Society's website of what fostering is about.

A volunteer foster parent assists in the rehabilitation of an animal by providing in home care.The goal of the Foster Parent Volunteer is to help animals outside of the shelter environment who are underage, sick, injured, or unsocialized so that they may become healthy, adoptable animals. Foster parents provide a clean, safe, loving environment for the animals in their homes.

Congratulations to Sierra!  I'm sure your sissy Sophie will be going home soon too!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone!
Remember those you LOVE & those who fought for our FREEDOM!


yoborobo said...

Hi Jill! I am very happy for Sierra. :) And I think you and I like a lot of the same things! I am going to go visit your etsy shop - your artwork is so cute! Happy long weekend to you! Pam

The Teacher's Pets said...

Hi Jill,
Thank you for commenting on my blog and thank you for introducing yourself to me because I LOVE your art work and I love folk art soooo much! I am now your new follower and I added your Etsy shop to my favorites! I love the spring notecards and when I get a chance I am going to buy a set!
I love featuring artists in my blog (see my Personalized Pet Portrait Contest blog post) and I would LOVE to feature another artsy contest in the future...would you be interested in me doing that for you? I got a huge response when I had the contest and gained a lot of followers, etc, all because of another Etsy seller PAINTINGS BY SANDY. Please let me know and please visit me again!

Keiko (from Kitty Trio) said...

Hi Jill!! Thanks for dropping by! It is very nice to meet you! You have a fantastic blog here, it's very beautiful!!
We can't wait to get to know you better!
Yay for Blog Hop!
Lots of purrrrs, Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla