Thursday, May 13, 2010

Frida is Finito!

I got FRIDA painted up all colorful & fun & she'll be on EBAY tomorrow once I get caught up with things.  This painting is an 8x10 ~ much bigger than my usual 5x7s.  I really like how she turned out.

I'm getting ready to go visit my BFF Cindy in Kansas City for the weekend ~ yay!  We've been friends since 2nd grade & I can't imagine life without her.  We're gonna have us a FUN weekend of relaxing with no kids, going to see Letters from Juliet, eating lots of junk food & catching up on girl talk!  Can't wait!

Tomorrow is Feline Friday!  I hope to have some new pics of my foster kitties along with an article on Litter Box issues! 

1 comment:

jackiebean said...

your frida is so sweet! enjoy your weekend. sounds like you have lots of fun lined up. xoxo