Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mom's Day * WIP * Facebook!

Wishing all the MAMAS out there (whether 2 or 4 legged)
My sister sent me this cute kitty cartoon.

Also wanted to give you a sneak preview of my WIP:
a new Frida painting!

She's going to get all painted up bright & colorful!
Frida is such a FUN person to paint don't you think?
There's no end to the colors, hairdos & accessories - ha!

*And 1 more thing ~ I'm FINALLY on FACEBOOK!
Click on my badge in the side column & visit!

Have a wonderful day ~ see you tomorrow!

1 comment:

Marg said...

Hi there, thanks so much for visiting our blog. You have a very nice blog and our Mom will go see all your goodies in Etsy. That drawing does look like something fun to draw.
I will keep coming back. Have a super day.