Friday, May 7, 2010

Feline Friday! ~ Introducing Eli

Charlie, Eli & Chloe


Hi gang!  Meet Eli the cat. 
Eli lives with author Shreve Stockton in a tiny town in Wyoming.
His brother is a coyote & his sister is a dog.  That's one COOL cat!

I love Shreve's story.  She was moving back to New York from San Fransisco when she stumbled upon a little town in Wyoming & fell in love with the place.  She went on to New York but a month later turned around & moved back to the place where she had only spent 1 day.

Shreve has a book called The Daily Coyote where she writes about her first year with "Charlie", a wild-born coyote she adopted after his parents were shot for killing sheep.  It's funny, heartwarming, full of wonderful photos & I highly recommend it!

A wonderful read!

You can read more about Shreve & her animals on her website HERE.
You can also subscribe to the "Weekly Coyote" for FREE where you'll receive a new picture of Charlie e-mailed to you every Tuesday.

Today Charlie rides in Shreve's truck, walks on a leash & adores his tomcat brother Eli & hound dog sister Chloe.  Adorable family huh?


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