Monday, May 17, 2010

Foster Kitties Update

Shoe attack!

Sophie thinks shoelaces are FUN!

Sierra thinks so too!

Rough & tumble time!

I'm furrocious!
Queen of the Kitty Condo!

Happy Monday everyone!
My baby girls are growing like WEEDS!  They've practically doubled in size this past month.  They were barely over a pound when I picked them up & now they are a few ounces shy of 2!  I can't believe we've had them almost a whole month.  They are such sweeties & SO healthy & PLAYFUL!  I try & try but just can't get a good photo of them because they won't be still - ha!  Sometimes I come in the room & they're all curled up together sleeping like angels but the second they see me they're pouncing over & climbing up my leg!  As you can see they love my shoelaces & their rough & tumble sessions.  I don't know which one is ornerier  ~ they are  both wild little rascals!  I do notice that during their wrestling sessions Sierra is usually on top.

I'm scheduled to take them back to the shelter on Thursday (sniff) since they'll be 8 weeks old & 2 lbs. ~ the requirement for being spayed.  Their surgery will probably be Friday.  Then they'll be placed for adoption & on their way to their forever homes!  It'll be sad saying goodbye but I KNOW those 2 sweethearts will be adopted (kittens go fast) & if for some insane reason they aren't, I'll go back & get them!  I'm just trying to enjoy them all I can while I still have them.

I don't think we'll have time to foster any kitties before we leave for vacation next month but when we get back I'd like to get a mama & babies.  The Humane Society's been getting lots of those in lately.

P.S.  My new Frida Painting is NOW on EBAY!


snippetgirl said...

Soooo much fuzzy orange cuteness!!! I know you must be enjoying your time with them!! They are very lucky to be with you!!
Purrs, C

Wonderland Papers said...

Kittens are just the best. Nothing better then that. Too bad my cat won't let me have anymore of them!